Accelerated Reader update

July 2018
The children that are leaving Belle Vue this year were the first to use the Accelerated Reader program. It has been so brilliant to see their progress. A lot of the secondary schools are now using the same system so they will be able to continue with the excellent progress they have made here.
We have so many Year 6 'Word Millionaires' some 2x 'Word Millionaires' 3 children with 3x 'Word Millionaire' a 4x 'Word Millionaire' and even a 5x 'Word Millionaire'  so fantastic!
They have really enjoyed their reading, which has been great to see.
I wish them all the very best for their futures
Mrs Cadman.

January 2017

We have some fantastic readers at Belle Vue. 
We started the Accelerated reading program in October 2015 with Years 5 and 6. This year we have increased this to Years 4, 5 and 6 with year 3 starting this month. 
So far, since they started, the present Year 5 have read over 9 million words and Year 6 have read nearly 14 million words. WOW! 
So far, since September, Year 4 have already read nearly 2 million words. WOW!
The individual progress has been amazing too: 
         Rhys J in year 6 is a Word Millionaire. 
         Grace D in year 5 is also a Word Millionaire
         Orla L is also now a Word Millionaire

There are many children also getting close to this achievement.

Grace D in Year 5 is now a double millionaire! which is absolutely fantastic: she has read over 2 million words in over 68 books!

Well done

Competition News:

*The competition this half term is to estimate how many Lego pieces are in the jar. 
Enter each time you complete a quiz.
Closest to the correct answer on Thursday 20th October will win a 'book voucher'.

Well done to George in 6H. His estimate was 863 and the correct answer was 792 only 71 Lego bricks away :)

Enjoy your 'book voucher' George 

*The new competition this half term is another estimation. 
How many pom poms are in the jar?
Remember you can enter the competition each time you complete a quiz. 
The closest to the correct answer by the 15th December will win a 'book voucher'

Well done to Alexia in Year 5. Her estimate was 103 and the correct answer was 102.Wow! so close. 

Enjoy your 'book voucher' Alexia.

*The new competition this half term is another estimation.

How many pegs are in the jar?
So read a good book, take a quiz and have a go, you might win a 'book voucher'. The closest estimate to the correct answer at the end of February will win a 'book voucher'.

Because it was 'Book Week' this week we had 5 winners! for the competition.
So, very well done to Blayze, Corey and Harry in Year 3
Sam in Year 4 and Ryan in Year 6.
There were 275 pegs in the jar.

They all chose a £5 book from our Book Fair.

Enjoy your books!

*The Easter competition've guessed it another estimationlaughing

How many feathers are in the jar?
Come on read a book, and have a go.

The closest to the correct estimation just before we break up for Easter will win the book voucher. Good Luck.

Well done to Kristian in Year 6, with the closest estimate to the answer of 574 feathers. He was only 7 away.

enjoy your book voucher. 

The new competition many cheerios are in the tub? 

So choose a book you will enjoy, take a quiz, do your best, and then enter the competition. You can enter the competition every time you do a quiz!

The closest to the correct estimate at the end of May will win a book token 😉

Well done to Reuben in Year 6, he had the closest to the
answer of 1832 cheerios. Enjoy your 'book voucher'

June 2017 

A big Thank you to Alexia in Year 5 ( and family) for sending in some fantastic books for our 'book room'. They are already on the shelves and are being chosen as their AR book. Very kind.

 July 2017

Well done to Grace in Year 5

She has now read 100 books since starting Accelerated Reader in November 2015 which is over 3 million words.

A fantastic achievement!

 October 2017

 The competition this have term was.... How many coloured sticks in the jar.
We had some really close esitmates, well done.
Well done to Ethan Pound in Year 6 for only being 36 away!
Enjoy your book voucher.

November  2017

The new competition is.. how many Christmas paper curls are in the jar?
So choose a book take a quiz and add your estimate.
The closest to the correct answer will win a book voucher to spend over the Christmas holidays, Good Luck!

December 2017

Well done to Marlie in Year 5 for only being 2 curls away. Marlies name was drawn out of a hat because there were three people who estimated 70 curls.
Well done Marlie, enjoy your book token.

 February 2018

 The new competition is how many cotton wool balls in the jar?
Choose a book,each time you take a quiz have a go. 
The closest to the correct answer wins a book token, Good Luck.

Well done Rianne in 5H for being so close to the correct answer, only 1 away.

June 2018

The new competition is to estimate how many raw plugs are in the jar?
If you have the closest to the correct answer you will win a book voucher.
So each time you take a quiz, have a go.

Well done Maisie in Year 3, only 2 away from the correct answer.
Enjoy your book token

100% passes
Each class has a quiz chart in their classroom to record the number of 100% quiz passes in a term. The winning class has the 'Trophy' in their classroom for a Term.

4C won the trophy for the Autumn Term with 136 books Wow! well done
3V won the trophy for the Spring Term with 124 books, Well done
3W won the trophy for the Summer Term with 198 books, Well done

Wacky Race 
On the wall in the 'Book Room' is a race track. Each class is represented by a wacky races vehicle (some of you may remember them). This shows the class quiz passes (over 60%) The class that wins the race wins an extra playtime!

4C won the Wacky race for the Autumn Term with over 300 quiz passes, fantastic, well done. Enjoy your extra playtime!
3V won the Wacky race for the Spring Term with over 300 quiz passes, well done. Enjoy your extra playtime!
3W won the Wacky Race for the Summer Term with over 300 quizzes, well done, Enjoy your extra playtime. 

Mrs Cadman

Enjoy reading

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